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What is a high-temperature twisted square wire

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2023-07-26 08:45

Product characteristics
1. Make the coil slot full and pass a larger current to avoid overheating of electronic products, making it more suitable for high current loads.
2. Under the same cross-sectional area, square wires have a larger surface area than circular wires, greatly improving the skin effect and reducing the loss of high-frequency current. Good heat dissipation performance
3. Under the same conditions, the shape line occupies less space than the circular line, resulting in a smaller production volume.
Product advantages
1. Square lines have more precise dimensions
2. Radiation-resistant, good temperature resistance, up to a temperature level of 220.
3. We can produce self-adhesive and various specifications of wire cakes.
4. Heat resistant temperature and voltage: 180 ℃ (Class H)
5. Small size, high power, thin thickness or high temperature resistance
It is suitable for transformers of Charging station, optical storage, automotive electronics, special medical instruments and other products.