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What are the causes of insulation layer cracking

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2023-07-26 08:49

1、 Temperature too low
After receiving some insulation wires, many customers do not pay attention to how to store them, so they directly put them in the warehouse without paying attention to the room temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will damage the insulation layer, making it hard or soft. When taken out for use or processing, it will cause it to crack.
2、 Poor quality of insulation layer
Another issue is the poor quality of the outer insulation, which is a workmanship issue for high-temperature wire manufacturers. Because it is inevitable that some errors will occur, but it is these errors that cause the performance of the high-temperature line to suddenly decrease. 
3、 Transportation issues
It is strictly prohibited to drop cables from high places or cable trays containing cables during transportation. Especially at lower temperatures (usually 5 ° C and below), throwing and dropping cables may cause cracking of the insulation sheath of high-temperature wires.
4、 Avoid outdoor exposure
Try to avoid storing insulation wires in the open air or exposed ways as much as possible. After exposure to sunlight, the insulation wires will oxidize the polyester on the surface layer, causing damage and cracking of the inner insulation layer.
5、 The storage environment should not be damp
Storing in a damp environment makes the copper core prone to rusting, the outer layer prone to softening and peeling, and can also damage the insulation layer.
5、 Regular inspection
During the storage process, regular rolling should be carried out (for a three month summer period, other seasons may be extended as appropriate). When rolling, roll up the edges of the stored disk to prevent it from getting damp and rotting. Pay attention to the integrity of the insulation wire during storage.