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What is the difference between an inductor coil and an inductor

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2023-07-25 17:55

Inductive coil is an important component within an inductor. Because inductors are generally composed of a skeleton, winding (coil), shielding cover, packaging material, magnetic core or iron core, etc.
An inductor is a component that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. The structure of an inductor is similar to that of a transformer, but it only has one winding. Inductance has a certain inductance, which only hinders changes in current. If the inductor is in a state where there is no current flowing, it will attempt to prevent the current from flowing when the circuit is connected; If the inductor is in a state of current flow, it will attempt to maintain current when the circuit is disconnected. Inductors are also known as chokes, reactors, and dynamic reactors.
Inductive coil is a device that operates using the principle of electromagnetic induction. When current flows through a wire, a certain electromagnetic field is generated around the wire, and the wire of the electromagnetic field itself induces the wire within the electromagnetic field range. The influence of electromagnetic fields on the wire itself is called "self inductance", that is, the changing current (chan) generated by the wire itself will generate a changing magnetic field, and this magnetic field will further affect the current in the wire; The effect on other wires within this electromagnetic field range.