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Knowledge about three-layer insulated wires

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2023-07-26 08:44

(1) Storage and usage environment: The storage conditions for three-layer insulated wires are: ambient temperature is -25-30 ° C, relative humidity is 5% -75%, and storage period is one year. It is prohibited to store three-layer insulated wires in high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, and dusty environments. For three-layer insulated wires that have exceeded their storage period, they must undergo insulation breakdown voltage, withstand voltage, and windability tests again before use.
(2) Precautions when winding: 1. The three-layer insulated wire is reinforced with a coating. If the film is severely deformed or damaged due to mechanical or thermal stress, safety standards cannot be guaranteed. 2. There must be no burrs on the transformer skeleton, and the four corners of the contact wire must be smooth (forming chamfers). The inner diameter of the outlet nozzle should be 2-3 times the outer diameter of the welding wire. 3. The end of the cut wire is very sharp, do not approach the wire coating.
(3) Method of peeling the film: When peeling the film, special equipment such as a three-layer insulation wire stripper and an adjustable stripper are required. Its characteristic is that the peeling work is carried out while melting the film, so the wire will not be damaged. If a regular wire stripping machine is used to strip the wire, it may cause the wire to become thinner or even break.
(4) Welding device: There are two types of equipment used for welding three-layer insulated wires. One type is a static solder can, suitable for Φ Welding of three-layer insulated wires below 0.40 mm. When welding, move horizontally in the soldering bath, vibrate the coil holder, and the welding work can be completed in a short time. To prevent the film from melting due to prolonged immersion in the solder tank, the welding method can also be repeated 2-3 times. Another welding device is a spray solder tank with air cooling, which can weld multiple coil racks simultaneously and is suitable for mass production.