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Silk covered wire

Conductor diameter: 0.03mm~0.8mm;


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Silk Covered Wire


Silk covered wire


1. Conductor diameter: 0.03mm~0.8mm;
2. Number of shares: 3-1200;
3. Heat resistance grade: 130 ° C/155 ° C/180 ° C/200 ° C/220 ° C/240 ° C;
4. Breakdown voltage: equivalent to single wire of the same model and specification:
5. Coating material: polyester, nylon;
6. Stranding method: single or multiple stranding;
7. Twisting direction: optional "S" or "Z" type;
8. On the basis of combining the advantages of enameled stranded wire, silk wrapped wire also has the advantages of scratch resistance and insulation layer protection. When applied to various shapes of skeletons, it has a regular circular cross-section and small deformation, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of looping and not being able to wind down;
9. Application fields: power wireless inductance, medical equipment, communication equipment, ultrasonic Solar inverter high-frequency inductance
Transformers, etc.

1. Conductor diameter: 0.03mm~0.8mm;1. Conductor diameter: 0.03mm~0.8mm;