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Insulated wire

Material: Copper wire enameled wire


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Insulated Wire


Insulated wire


Material: Copper wire enameled wire
There are three types of structures: standard type, self-adhesive type, and twisted type.
Triple insulation wire function: It is a high-performance insulation wire with three insulation layers, with a core wire in the middle. The first layer is a golden polyamine film with a thickness of several micrometers, which can withstand 3KV pulse high voltage. The second layer is a high insulation paint coating, and the third layer is a transparent glass fiber layer. The total thickness of the insulation layer is only 20-100um, which has the advantage of high insulation strength, Any two layers can withstand a safe voltage of 3000V AC and have a high current density.
Application field: Three layer insulation wire is suitable for cutting-edge technology and national defense fields, making micro motor windings and high-frequency transformer windings for miniaturized switching power supplies.